Pay it Forward

For those of us who are fourth year medical students who just successfully matched, this is about the time when "senioritis" sets in. We now have a job lined up for next year, we are more or less finished our required electives, and we have emptied our pockets on four years of tuition, fees, and those pesky USMLE tests.

So why should we spend our time and energy trying to get rid of Step 2 CS? We have already spent the $1,275 test fee, have already wasted our time and money to travel and take the test, have already breathed a sigh of relief after seeing a "Pass" on our score report. Step 2 CS is in the past.

But We need to pay it forward.

We cannot sit idly by while year after year, future generations of aspiring doctors waste $36 million annually on a test they cannot afford. We cannot let this exam continue to pile on unnecessary student debt. We must take action now.

Together, we can make a change.

The petition to End Step 2 CS has already garnered support from more than 12,000 students, residents, and physicians from every corner of the country. While this is a remarkable accomplishment, we know we need even more support to overcome the institutional hurdles required to eliminate Step 2 CS.

So #PayItForward! Like and share us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Share the petition link with one or two classmates or co-residents. Every little bit helps!

Our time to take Step 2 CS may have come and gone, but we can #PayItForward to future generations of aspiring physicians by working to End Step 2 CS.